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About Antiquitatis

The Purpose of Antiquitatis

"For a man to achieve all that is demanded of him he must regard himself as greater than he is."

The Internet provides us all with the opportunity to be what was once that rarest of creatures: a published author. I confess that, while I have never had the desire or opportunity to pursue a published existence on a permanent basis, I have always found myself. drawn to writing in its myriad forms. Whether it be simple essays on my thoughts of the moment, small attempts at historical monographs, or the odd philosophical treatise, the idea of capturing one's thoughts on "paper" is all but irresistable. Over the years I determined to collect these varied writings together and place them upon the World Wide Web where, while they may do nothing more than amuse me, it is hoped they might be found to have some small value to others.

A word on disagreement: disagreement in any society is a healthy thing, so long as it remains tolerably civil, and I am sure that others will disagree vehemently on many points. Such disagreement is good. I would only ask one thing: Please consider any thought or idea expressed on this site before you dismiss it out of hand. The author pretends to no great wisdom or knowledge, but in even the least gifted or wise, there is always some small measure of thought worth pondering.

Why Antiquitatis?

Antiquitatis is an odd name, to be sure. As to how it was selected, as with so many things, it was partly a matter of choice and partly a matter of necessity. Most of the names I thought of failed to cover a broad enough spectrum to match the site, and others that might were already taken. "Antiquitatis" is Latin for ancient things, "the ancients," and the history of things past. Much that I find fascinating in life is from the past, whether directly or indirectly, and what is not can certainly be tied to the past in some vague manner. Besides, I rather liked the name. :-)

The Site

The Antiquitatis domain is organized into several broad categories, and nearly everything is in the beginning stages of construction. The primary sections are as follows:

  • Rome: Anything and everything that ever interested me about the Eternal Empire. I confess to being a Romanophile of the first order. The legions, a biography section, Roman Culture, A historical synopsis, the enemies that opposed Rome, and a timeline are all planned, as well as a section on "lingua Latin"; the Latin language.
  • Philosophia: The philosophies that have captured my fascination: Eastern philosophies (Taoism and Buddhism--particularly Zen), Greek philosophy (Socrates was a formative influence on my youth), Existentialism, Nietzsche, thoughts on the nature of the Divine, and favored quotes.
  • Greece: This will likely be the slowly growing section, for, while I find Greece fascinating, it has always failed to capture my attention to the degree that Rome has.
  • Essays: On anything and everything that I ever decide(d) to write about.
  • Politics: The practical arm of philosophy. The nature of government; duties, rights, and obligations; political systems; ideologies; personal musing on politics; and political quotes that have borne meaning for me.
  • The Rostra: Like the Rostra of Ancient Rome, I hope to one day address my fellow citizens on topics of the day. :-)

On The Webmaster

No, not a megalomaniac (or at least I hope not), but I am interested in a wide range of topics. I graduated from college with two baccalaureates: History and Computer Studies. As so many have noted; it is an odd combination. Politically, I am neither Republican nor Democrat, Conservative nor Liberal. Ideologically speaking, I am closest to being a classic 19th Century Liberal, which has little in common with the modern American Liberal of today. I served twenty years in the United States Army, love to read and write, and generally spend my time either working, dancing, reading, writing, or exercising. And if you really wish to know how much of an anachronistic/paradox I am: I wear both a fedora and a cowboy hat (albeit not at the same time). :-)

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